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Why should I/my daughter do physie? Physie is a great way to keep fit!  The variety offered in lessons keeps the girls interested and enthusiastic all year long – combining ballet, jazz and exercise routines all in one. Physie is fantastic for posture and grace – a physie girl will stand tall with confidence!  The physie syllabus is age-appropriately designed to develop:

  • Good posture
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility and strength
  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Discipline

Most of all, physie classes are fun!

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When can I start? You can start physie at any time throughout the year.  However, the beginning of the year is the ideal time to start classes, as all routines are starting afresh.  Even the girls that have done physie for years will be learning brand new moves!

How old does my daughter need to be to join physie? We teach girls from 3 years old. Our 3-4 year class includes lots of dancing wiggles, ballerinas, and nursery rhyme style movement! Basic physie techniques are started including posture, pointed feet and positions. Our 3-4 year class is high energy and super fun! From 5 years, the BJP physie syllabus is introduced and there is a greater focus on positions and technique – of course classes are still energetic and lots of fun!

Is physie also for ladies of all ages? Absolutely!  We have a super fun ladies class, with ladies in their 20’s right through to ladies in their 60’s.  Whether you did physie as a young girl and want to try it again, or are a beginner, come along and have some fun and get fit in our ladies class! Beginner and Intermediate ladies receive an extra 15 minutes of dedicated lesson time to cover posture, technique and Q&A’s.DSC_0114

Do we attend once or twice a week? One class each week is imperative, however, the second class option is up to you. We have a mixture across all ages. Of course if you attend twice a week it is easier to pick up choreography and develop your physie, however its not essential. All the routines are walked through each lesson so girls that attend once are not disadvantaged. We find lots of girls start classes once a week, and end up coming twice as they love it so much!
Are there any other costs throughout the year? Physie is one of the lowest cost dance sports around with no expensive costumes or dance shoes. For the team performance, Mermaid physie supplies each girl with their leotard, and hair accessories, as well as paying the team entry fee.  For the champion girl events, one leotard is required for the year at around $60.  You may purchase the club uniform to wear to performances, and there is an instructional CD and DVD provided to all members.  Your BJP performance entry fee is included in your club registration. There are no hidden costs with physie, it’s great value for the whole family!


What do I wear? All classes are bare feet.  Juniors – 3-4 years to 12 years – wear a leotard, swimmers, or similar.  This way teachers can ensure correct posture techniques are being used.  We have class crop top and bike pants/shorts available for sale for juniors.  Hair is to be tied back off the face please. Girls 13 years – ladies wear leggings or bike shorts and a singlet. Bring along a drink bottle and a smile and you are ready for physie!
May I watch my daughter’s class? Of course!  We believe parents should be able to enjoy seeing their child’s progression. Parents are able to sit at the back of the hall, and of course noise must be kept to a minimum to allow for optimum learning.
Are performances compulsory? To get the full physie experience, we encourage all members to take part. There are individual and team performance opportunities available from 5 years to ladies. Whether you are a beginner or experienced physie girl, performances are lots of fun and improve confidence, sense of team spirit and camaraderie. Performance opportunities are not overbearing – there are just four or five local events for each girl across the entire year – we find this is a great number and allows the girls to improve and shine each time. Benefits of performances, whether you are a beginner, or experienced, are:
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • improved confidence
  • team spirit and camaraderie
  • developing and enhancing presentation and performance skills
  • meeting new friends
  • having lots of fun!

DSC_0867What do you wear for performances? You only need one BJP leotard for the entire year to take part, and at around $60-$80.  The young competitors have grooming rules in place, and their appearance is kept pretty and age appropriate, with no fake tan or heavy eye make up.  Our club shirt or jacket is to be worn to all performances. 

Can we come along for a trial?  Absolutely!  New members are welcome to a free trial lesson.  So we can plan classes, please register here for your free trial.

More questions? Contact Belinda on 0410 512 176 or email us if you have any questions.  We look forward to welcoming you to Mermaid Beach Physical Culture.